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May 5, 2013 at 9:40 am | Posted in Media, Online services, Psychology, Science | 2 Comments

Recently, I was sent links to a couple of short on-line general science and religion knowledge quizzes by Pew Research. What is particularly interesting is the detailed stats from the original study showing how well people did on specific questions, overall and so forth. You’ll see that with your results.

The Science Quiz (13 questions)

The World’s Religions Quiz (15 questions)

This article at Slate talks about it. For example, that 42% don’t know the most basic fact about global warming….


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  1. 13/13 for science but only 11/15 for the religion one. Interesting seeing how only about 20% know what gases make up the air we breathe. Women did better on questions about health and disease. Neat seeing where the peak in correct answers are by age group and seeing where it drops off. A lot of info for just a few basic questions!


  2. I got 13/15 on the religion one, mainly not being American. I’ve taken grad courses in world religions.

    But yeah, more interesting than the quizzes are the results. Thanks for the comment!


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