The Monarchs of Money

May 6, 2013 at 2:06 pm | Posted in Economoney, Media | 1 Comment

CBC’s The National does a special on the current economy and how it’s being managed. It’s not what you may think. Low interest rates and a massive increase in the money supply have notable issues. Is it working?  It is creating a massive increase in personal debt while hammering savers in multiple ways. Interest rates have to go up some time, which will also hammer those in debt. One adviser indicates everything is in a bubble now due to the artificial manipulation. What the piece fails to note is the profound inflationary pressure there is with a massively increased money supply. That devalues current incomes and investments and increases prices. One interviewee jokes about money under the mattress but its valuation still depends on the money supply.


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  1. As a further comment, read a piece recently that suggested the reason the inflationary pressure had not shown dramatically is the globalization of the US$. While they flooded the US economy with new money it was taken up in many parts of the world. It also thus didn’t have the local effect that was expected.


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