No Dark Matter?

December 10, 2013 at 3:11 pm | Posted in Science, Space | 1 Comment

Occasionally, I write on the subject of Dark Matter. To me, when the formulae don’t describe astronomical behaviour completely, it means something is missing from the formula. Or perhaps even the fundamental understanding behind it.

Physics however has decided that the formulae are right but something is missing from the array of known particles. That there must be unseen dark matter to explain the movements of the stars. In fact, 80% of the mass of the universe is this unseen, unknown stuff. That’s a pretty big discrepancy. Now, they spend millions to prove the idea rather than fix holes in the model. This seems a folly to me.

One physicist with a better idea is Nassim Haramein. He’s figured out how to put the spin back in Einstein’s field equations and come up with a model of the universe and an alternative Unified Field Theory. One that does away with the need for a lot of “extras” like dark matter.

As an independent (and somewhat eccentric) physicist, he’s struggled to get recognition in the physics community. But in the last few years he’s been able to publish several papers explaining the basis of his model.

In this article by Stephen Bard on the Large Underground Xenon Detector (LUX), he notes that they have yet to detect any dark matter. This suggests dark matter may not be what they imagined it to be.

The article goes on to explore the scaling law Nassim discovered with the inclusion of spin. This does not need dark matter to explain but rather is “magnetohydrodynamics driven by the structure of spacetime itself“.

the inclusion of torque and Coriolis in Einstein’s field equations is sufficient to explain the motion of large cosmological scale structures such as galaxies and galactic clusters, showing that it is unnecessary to resort to some new theoretical particle” such as dark matter.

He goes on to observe that Nassim has demonstrated that the strong force is gravity itself at that scale, with the correct results. He explains gravity. And the formulae work at both the atomic and cosmological levels due to the scaling law mentioned above. Quantum mechanics that works at galactic levels = Unified Field Theory.

The article includes links to the published papers and science articles on the LUX. The site has a number of interesting articles talking about current science.

I’d love to link to some models and video of it in action but didn’t find anything straightforward. But it is nested in a number of presentations he’s given on Youtube and such.

A refreshing take even a layman can get a sense of.

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