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May 22, 2014 at 8:56 am | Posted in Design, Software, Web Design | 3 Comments

For those who work in web design, art, scanning, photography, and so much more, PhotoShop is usually their workhorse. It does have a learning curve but a good reference book will help you learn the parts you need – filters, layers, actions, and so forth. You can also get “recipe” books that show you the steps for specific effects. And there’s a ton of help on-line too.

But PhotoShop is also not cheap. Many began using it as students when they could get less expensive versions. Then periodic less-expensive upgrades kept them current.

Adobe has introduced Elements versions of some software, including PhotoShop. They’ve also introduced a web Express version. But none of these meet the power and control of the real thing.

Much more recently, Adobe has begun offering a legacy version (CS2) of PhotoShop for free (Windows and Mac). This is still a very full-featured program and runs fine on current OS’s. (available for Windows or Mac) Just look at the new features listed. And do note the serial number – it’s required.

It’s worth your time to learn and will serve you for many years into the future.


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  1. This download failed on my mac. Twice. I changed my download prefs & restarted but no cigar. Wah wah wah


  2. Hi Sara
    Don’t have a Mac so can’t suggest but I had no trouble with the PC version. (I have a purchased version but grabbed a copy while available) Could be a number of things, including server load at the time, the quality of your net connection, and so forth. You’ll see some larger software uses download managers to help avoid such troubles. They pick up where it left off if the connection hiccups.

    I’d try on a different machine or at a different time of day or try with a download manager. You can download it onto a PC but will need the Mac version to install. Copy it to a thumb drive or CD and you’ll be good to go.

    Considering the new version starts at over $300, it’s worth a little effort.


  3. It’s come to light that in spite of many legitimate sites presenting this as free legacy software, Adobe themselves do not present it like this. Their old validation server is down so they’re offering new serial numbers to existing CS2 customers, with download links. But this is for existing customers requiring a reinstall.

    From comments on one site, the validation server is down but Adobe still seems to be monitoring the number of installs (2 allowed unless you deactivate one). So the software is still checking in.

    Adobe is shifting to web based software post CS6, called “Creative Cloud”. You “rent” access to the whole suite. An older student version is your cheapest doorway to software if you have student ID or an EDU email address online. However, availability is getting spotty.


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