Welcome to For Now.

This blog started in ’07 as a replacement for a large hand-coded site on web design, Chanticlear. It had become too cumbersome to keep current but I kept a few pages and folded in my interest in science and technology. I’ve added in some of the many tech support articles I’ve done for friends and groups, making it easier than digging them out repeatedly. (the articles that is – I still end up digging out friends) Some articles get little interest and some get heavy traffic even years after they were written. You never know.

For awhile, I kept a few of the old pages on a secondary site, linking them here. That ended in ’10 when I went to grad school. But I have restored a few colour tables I still find useful. See the tabs above.

The name is a play on the idea of the present now: being about what’s current, and about whats temporary and changeable.

The image in the banner is the “Eye of God”, an astronomical image of the Helix Nebula, enhanced a bit in PhotoShop. www.skyimagelab.com/helixnebula.html

I worked in David-Head-59software development and web applications for about a decade and am currently writing a philosophical book and some articles. Interests include new media, film and video production, music, design, construction, and technology. I have a lifelong curiosity about the world and a desire to understand it.

Hope you enjoy my musings…

David F. Buckland

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  1. I bet you thought I didn’t read your site.
    Well I did. I didn’t understand any of the computer suff.
    Love to you


  2. Thanks for all the great computer tips. I do understand some of them.


  3. […] background information about starting a website and blog ShareThanks to David F. Buckland for leading me to some of his blog posts that I think you’ll find helpful for starting a […]


  4. Stopping by your blog today for a look-see and I will be back for a more in depth look later….thanks for the connection!



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