Sky Car

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A flying car? Almost ready for market?

The Moller SkyCar

“Various organizations including NASA, the FAA, the Department of Transportation, individual states and aviation industry groups are developing a small aircraft transportation system.”
Dr. Dennis Bushnell–Chief Scientist, NASA Langley Research Center

“In 50 years, Moller expects half of all Americans will be airborne.”
The Discovery Channel

“The (Skycar) engines have so few moving parts that they should require a fraction of the maintenance of a helicopter. One engine could fail and the Skycar could still hover to a landing. Piloting the Skycar should require less skill than driving a car.”
USA Today

On the other hand, the long development time has it’s issues, as touched on in Wikipedia. And here, from a year ago. “And with such a vast amount of money lost in development, executives of the flying car company now say that without a substantial infusion of cash to continue operations it’s highly unlikely the Moller M400 will ever take to the skies. Which means the closest anyone may get to it, is either reading about it in a Clive Cussler novel or seeing the prototype some day gathering dust in the Smithsonian Air & Space collection.”

As of this summer, the project continues and apparently has further funding.

They also mention you can fly the car if you have MS Flight Simulator 04. It’s called virtual reality.

Water bird

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Here’s something a little unexpected. Not what you’d think would work. Its called a Water Bird. Other names for it include Water Scooter, Sea Scooter, and Aqua Skipper.

Driving an Aqua Car would be fun. But perhaps it’s not available in your area or its a little pricey for the budget. Perhaps you’d enjoy this instead, an evidently Chinese invention available from several manufacturers there.

Here’s the assembly and use of one model:

A shorter clip:

They weight about 25 lb., have a wingspan of 8 feet, and are said to be easy to learn and transport (disassembled).  One said the water should be 1.6 M deep (start from a dock) but I saw a clip of someone stepping onto one on a beach.

Looks like fun!



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The Mission district in San Francisco reproduced in….  jello. Yep, even the grass.

Her city ages too…

Hidden ‘tools’ in XP

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I’m a techie and have been using Windows XP for awhile now. But every so often I run into a surprise. Over on Office Messaging, I talked about setting up an internal messaging system for the office. In the days of Windows98, some of us used the built-in ‘Winpopup’. That was left behind by the NT family and its command line ‘Net Send’. There didn’t appear to be a local IM tool in XP.

Turns out there is. Its called Winchat. Or more specifically Microsoft Chat. Version 5, updated with SP2 no less.

Click Start, Run, then enter winchat. Voila.

Now – there is a couple of caveats. It requires the Network DDE service to be running. And that requires the Network DDE DSDM service running. On both computers in the connection. It also uses NetBIOS so that has to be on in the properties of your LAN network. In other words, old tech. It even expects you to “dial” a computer. But its there.

Curiously, there is another product called Microsoft Chat. Only this one is out of MS Research. Originally developed in the mid ’90’s, its a chat program that puts your conversation into balloons of an evolving comic strip…  Thus it was known also as Comic Chat. You could choose characters to express yourself, kind of like emoticons but more comix. The program is rarely used today as it was discontinued a couple of years later and the chat network was shut down. Seems others are hosting chat servers now though. And character editors. Theres even a comic thats been produced with it for over 10 years. The web is a curious place. And imagine what messaging would be like today if this had lasted into the IM era.

For a bit of trivia, it was one of the early ways you could get the font Comic Sans on your computer. It was indeed developed for comics.


Another semi-useful tool I’d forgotten about is the clipboard viewer. What did you paste in there??

Click Start, Run, and enter clipbrd to see.

Of course, free programs like Clipboard Recorder are far more useful. They let you keep common snippets for reuse (like your address), can hold multiple ‘copies’, and so forth. More suggestions here:

Windows Music

And finally, if you enjoyed the music of your XP install or forget entirely what it sounded like or never even heard it as it was preinstalled, here it is again, for your listening pleasure:

Again, in the run box, paste:

Start me Up!


Maxwell not Maxwell?

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James Clerk Maxwell wrote a series of equations that defined classical electromagnetism, establishing the properties of electricity and magnetism and that light was an electromagnetic wave. The individual equations bear the names of others, all familiar as electrical terms and laws nowadays – Gauss, Faraday, Ampere, Hertz, Ohm, and Lorentz. Maxwell did not actually originate the equations but rather derived them independently. They came to be know as a group as Maxwell’s.

The interesting part though is they’re not Maxwell’s at all. Maxwell made the overlapping discoveries based on a molecular model of a vortex of aether. (remember this is before all the nonsense of molecules being made up of little balls) The actual familiar equations were developed, or rather ‘simplified’, by a fellow named Oliver Heaviside, after Maxwell’s death. Evidently, Heaviside considered Maxwell’s “quaternions” (referring to 4D space) a mystical abomination, so he removed the aspects for calculating the potentials of empty space. This removed the scalar aspect of the quaternions, eliminating the hyperspatial characteristics. Also ideas like aether. (ether, the 5th element) While the equations simplified calculations, this in effect set the study back 100 years.

The essential idea is that electromagnetism and gravity were the result of the intruding geometry of 4D space in 3D “crumpled” geometry. Buckminster Fuller also made a lot of references to 4D in his all-space-filling geometry.

From my perspective, ideas of multi-dimensional space such as 4D and 11D models are applying physical principles to non-physical things like fields. This is misleading and tends to take one down rabbit holes. For example, subtle space is not ‘other’ but is rather concurrent. We see forces in 3D space. A better understanding is to think in terms of different resolutions. Different sets of laws function at different resolutions, impinging on other resolutions thus creating effects.


Aliens Are My Brother

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So says Father Gabriel Funes, director of the Vatican Observatory. The search for forms of extraterrestrial life, he says, does not contradict belief in God. And some aliens could even be free from original sin, he speculates.

…the Vatican is organising a conference next year to mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of the author of the Origin of Species, Charles Darwin.

Times they are a changing. The article from the BBC:

New Oil?

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One of the issues with Biofuels is that they cause a price competition in the food and feed markets. As quoted in the following story, “He who burns his food goes hungry,” an old Chinese proverb.

Evidently an agricultural researcher has discovered a way to convert waste biomass (old tree limbs, corn husks, etc) into hydrocarbon fuel using genetically modified bacteria.  This can cut the cost of gas, bring its source home, cut the waste stream of other indistries and solve the energy crisis, it is suggested. Of course, we’ve heard this before with other technologies.

Its touted as environmentally friendly but needs no modification to existing vehicles. Not sure thats so friendly. There is also the worry that should this altered bacteria “get loose” in a natural setting, the forest floor, by example, could be turned into muck. But perhaps the bacteria only thrive in certain closed environments. Certainly interesting to consider.

The article:

A news piebce with some conclusion jumping and logic errors:


The Electric Sun

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Just finished watching the film, Thunderbolts of the Gods. (Link below, just over 1 hr.) Here are a few notes I made. The film has fabulous space imagery.

The film suggests Electricity rather than Gravity as a solution to new space discoveries. Large magnetic fields indicate electricity. We’ve found glowing electric filaments spanning millions of light years. Empty space turns out to be filled with charged particles. Gravity does not explain it.

The electric model” explains it, a new synthesis.

They speaks of the commonality of many old myths – different stories describing the same imagery – plasma discharges. This suggests ancient skies were much different.

Nature transfers electricity over great distances in dual filaments that spiral around each other. This phenomenon is fully scalable so can be tested locally in the lab. The local patterns are similar to massive scales in space.

Test indicate spiral galaxies are produced by rotating dual filaments, not gravity. Radio telescopes can see the strength of electrical energy. The electric model works in both relativity and quantum mechanics, once thought incompatible.

Magnetic fields indicate electricity. We see them on planetary, solar, and galactic levels. They ‘sew together’ elements in space rather than being perceived as separated by vast distances.

Einstein’s ideas ignored electricity. But he recognized they weren’t complete. If gravity is the only driving force, large founts of energy predict regions of infinite mass, hence a black hole as gravity is a weak force. If electricity is the driving force, so called black holes are simply confluences of energy. Neutron stars in Pulsars are not actually possible. In the electrical model, you can produce a pulsar in the lab with a simple relaxation oscillator. No strange matter etc. required.

The sun produces magnetic forces 10 million times the gravitational force.

Ancient cultures spoke of a different sun. Plasma science is changing our understanding of the sun – not an atomic furnace, not consuming itself. The corona is electrical. It is connected to the galaxy, the sun being an energy focus. This is why the corona/atmosphere is hotter than the surface. The insides are even cooler.

Particles (charged) in the solar wind accelerate, the further from the sun they get. This is an electrical process. The sun is like a large positive anode. Sun spots, where we see into the sun, are the coldest places, not the hottest. The electric model has been verified over more than a century and every aspect has been verified. The fusion (atomic model) of the sun/stars has never been fully demonstrated, only the parts of the process. They offer a list of features that don’t work in the “failed” standard model, while the electric model addresses all of them.

Electrical model sees a comet as an electrical body that discharges as it approaches the sun (moves through an electric field). They are cratered rocks, not ice balls. The same as asteroids, just with a different orbit. They better predicted the impact test on comet Tempel I, an electrical response. Cometary displays are from electrical effects from moving closer and further from the sun.

Venus is much hotter than Mercury, and a similar size to earth. It displays some cometary aspects. Speaks of Velikovsky’s Worlds in Collision [I read back when] suggesting the world experienced a comet a few thousand years ago. Suggested Venus as a comet. Speaker feels Velikovsky wasn’t all correct but observes that cultures throughout the world talk of Venus as a comet. Venus as long haired, serpent or dragon, torch of the sky, bearded star.

What is creating the electric field? Electric sun, electric stars, an electric cosmology- a whole new way of understanding how the universe works.
(Bruce Lipton was there too)




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You know all those cool visuals you see in movies about the future, where the images float in space in front of the viewer? (well yeah, technically Star Wars is in the past, but you get my drift) Well, its closer than you think and it will evidently put HD to shame. We’re talking 3D images projected off the TV screen into your living room. But no silly glasses. And with shadows and light reflections on your ceiling. Everyone sees the same thing.

The technology is called 3dh. The H standing for HoloSync, in other words holography. Evidently the technology is in manufacturing. Rumors are, some TV shows are being filmed in 3dh this year and Cameron is shooting a flick “Avatar” with 3dh and IMAX. Damn.

Think Gaming. Entertainment. Education. Medical. Video conferencing. Telepresence (thats just live projection) etc etc. 3D Internet??  3dh describes it as a core technology that can underly products, applications, and services. Its first person perspective, fully immersive. It also avoids the eyestrain issues of prior 3D technologies.

3D HoloProjectionTM provides the capability to visually remove a physical room and replace it with a created and/or real multi-dimensional visual environment.” Holodeck anyone??

This means that the screen(s) utilized by the imagery becomes non-perceptible to the viewer(s) and the dimensions of the viewing area, while physically scalable upon initial setup, lose total reference to the viewer(s). This provides for the possibility of producing an “infinite horizon” effect in a closed physical viewing area, or visually constricting the imagery to a tighter visual area than the actual physical viewing area. ” Ooo….  Assuming your room has at least some space not full of furniture.

From their web site:
What can I use to display the 3dh Media on?
* Projector and Screen(s)
* CRT – Standard computer monitor
* LCD computer monitor
* Plasma display
* TV
It works with existing technology!

Can I interact with the imagery or objects? Yes. Through the use of our real-time rendering engines, users have the ability to interact with the objects and environment.  !!!

It uses 3D Max as middleware. They use standard computers but have proprietary hardware, software, and configuration. They evidently intend to control content, keeping it out of the porn sector. That has pros and cons. No YouTube in 3D (yet) (laughs)

The only images I’ve found are here They appear to be wearing special glasses, as with the video samples offered. Perhaps as we don’t have the proprietary gear.

Well – I’m going to see a presentation of the technology live in a few hours, so I’ll let you know what I see.


Aptera car, er

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The most popular post here so far has been on the aqua car. But this one is much cooler.
A car that registers as a motorcycle? That plugs in for 120 miles electric only or gets 230 mpg when gas only? Over 300 mpg together. Its an electric-gas hybrid. And it looks like an airplane? Exceeds rollover safety rules. GPS & rear camera. All LED lights. RFID to open and start – don’t even need to take out the keys.

Check out the Interactive media – even wallpapers. You can reserve an all electric or hybrid model. Price to be determined.


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